At some point during this convention cycle, a delegate list that included email addresses got out into the wild. There was some controversy over it.

I’d like to have a copy of that list, and I’ll tell you why in advance:

Last Thursday was supposed to be the first day of the Libertarian National Convention.

But an in-person minority hijacked the event, disenfranchised the online delegate majority, and conducted fake convention business for a full day before straightening up, flying right, and letting the convention get started on Friday morning.

What should have happened is this:

The instant the minority bullied the chair into silencing — and refusing to count the votes of — the majority, the majority should have called the coup ringleaders’ bluff, constituted itself as the 2020 Libertarian National Convention, and proceeded, online, to adopt the credentials report and start doing business.

If that had happened, the ringleaders would have likely knocked their bullshit off most ricky-tick, as they probably wouldn’t have relished an extended battle in the government courts over who the party’s officers were, who got the bank accounts and the building, etc.

But realistically, in order for that to have happened there would have needed to be a certain amount of pre-built infrastructure … including a way to quickly contact as many delegates as possible, then get them through a credentials process and into a virtual room.

Hopefully we will not have these kinds of problems in the future. But instead of just hoping it doesn’t happen, I’d like to be prepared in case it does happen. So if anyone has that list and is willing to provide me with a copy of it, I’d appreciate it (there’s a contact form link at the top of this site).

If I get a copy of the list, I promise not to abuse it. I won’t spam anyone, or try to sell anyone anything, or use it to solicit subscribers to my newsletter, or anything but archive a copy of it so that if delegates need to be contacted for convention purposes as described above, they can be.

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