In my last post on these subjects, I noted that I was getting iffy on attending the “second sitting” of the Libertarian National Convention for several reasons.

At some point I stopped being iffy and decided that no, I’m not going to Orlando. I’m something like 29th alternate for my state, so it’s not like I’m desperately needed. My family will be traveling, which means that if I was traveling too there would be a bunch of pet care nonsense to make arrangements for, etc. And so on and so forth.

And now there seems to be a pretty good chance that the Orlando event won’t happen (if you’re not up on that situation, hit me in the comments).

BUT: The platform committee will be meeting both electronically and physically if the Orlando event does happen. So I can participate that way.

We had a meeting last night, with basically a two-part agenda:

  1. Deciding whether to modify some of our already passed proposals to appease the “oh dear god, no — the party can’t be libertarian on that, what will Fox and Friends think?” crowd who responded negatively to them in the delegate/member survey (offhand, police abolition, gender identity, and intellectual property were the big ones); and
  2. Formally adopting our report for publication (deadline — today), which we didn’t really need to do, since each element of the report has been formally adopted.
By the end of a 3 1/2-hour 2-hour meeting, we had managed to
  1. Amend the previously passed police abolition plank into something I guess is still pretty decent;
  2. Become thoroughly enraged with each other to a degree that might have entailed physical violence if the meeting itself had been physical.
  3. Adjourn.
So yeah, the usual 😉
Just because the report is being published today, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any more work by the committe, on the proposals. You can keep up with everything at the committee email reflector.

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