Thanks to Thane Eichenauer for pointing out two problems. Sorry it took so long to actually get them fixed after you took the time/trouble to mention them to me, Thane! They were:

Problem: The “use our image for your Facebook page link” site from which I was using an image to link to KN@PPSTER’s Facebook page over in the sidebar went defunct, so there was just one of those error icons where the image used to be.

Solution: I found a suitable image, customized it, uploaded it to my Google/Blogger storage, and linked it up.

Problem: The ad broker I’ve been using, Qadabra, seems to have some kind of problem. Its ads haven’t been showing either at KN@PPSTER or the Garrison Center. The ad SPACE popped up at the bottom of the screen, with a little “close” link, but no actual ad.

My first thought was that the code base had changed or something, so I went over to Qadabra and yes, the code to insert on my end had changed. But the new code didn’t work either. The ads haven’t been showing, nor have any impressions been recorded by Qadabra, nor have any revenues accrued to me, for some time. It just seems to be a dead stick.

Solution: I thought about examining other ad brokers, and I guess I might do that at some point, but probably not. Frankly, they’re not worth the trouble for the low-single-digit revenues they bring in each month, especially if they require bulky scripts that slow down the site for readers. So …

Over at Rational Review News Digest, part of the revenue split between myself and the other editors is that I get a little piece of ad space that’s all mine to use, sell or whatever. For the last few years, an anonymous benefactor (of both myself in particular and the liberty movement in general) has purchased that ad space at a very nice (for me) price, and allowed me to rotate my choice of “cool libertarian stuff” through it. Every couple of months, we discuss cool new things that might fit there.

I’ve gone ahead and installed the exact same ad code (it’s simple HTML that shouldn’t slow the site down at all) here at KN@PPSTER and over at Garrison. That gives the aforementioned benefactor a little more bang for his buck, and exposes readers at both sites to cool stuff I think they should see. And the revenue loss is so small that not having to mess around with complicated ad broker stuff is really a net plus as far as I’m concerned.

So, a couple of minor fixes. Enjoy.

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