Matrix Theory #1: Christopher Nolan’s sophomore outing, Memento (not an affiliate link), is a Matrix prequel. Trinity and Cypher are there (as is Hugo Carlaw, a Realist fighter from Existenz — another cross-world tie-in!), presumably to help Leonard escape the Matrix (his inability to form new memories is obviously some sort of rejection phenomenon in which his brain can’t accept and assimilate to the simulated reality).

Matrix Theory #2: The John Wick (not an affiliate link) films cover Neo during the time between the third and fourth Matrix films. After his duel with Agent Smith, he didn’t die. He was plugged back in — not into the Matrix, but into a new prototype Matrix, with his memory wiped, and used as an agent by the Source … until his retirement and the subsequent triggering event that turned him back into Neo, only Neo without Neo’s memories. Morpheus is there too, as the Bowery King, perhaps having undergone some similar type of experience.

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