The AOC legend goes something like this: Working class Bronx native, bartender, elected to Congress on “progressive” values of aiding the poor, etc.

The legend always was a legend, mind you. She’s actually the daughter of an architect, who grew up in suburban Yorktown Heights (median family income of $137,580 versus the US median family income of $68,703) and interned for US Senator Ted Kennedy while in college.

But she still tries to pull the “working class woman” schtick, even calling herself that in an interview at Monday night’s Met Gala where she showed off a custom-designed white dress with “Tax The Rich” emblazoned in red across the back.

As a member of Congress, AOC knocks down a measly $174,000 a year (versus US median personal income of $35,977). Yet somehow she was able to spend an evening out with a ticket price of only slightly less than that median personal income — $35,000.

Now, she either bought that ticket, or someone bought it for, or gave it to, her.

If she bought it, she either thinks an awful lot of that particular event to spend 20% of her annual pre-tax salary on it, or she has income sources that aren’t general public knowledge.

If someone bought it for, or gave it to, her, what do they expect to get in return for the bribe?

And either way, she’s clearly one of “the rich” whether her declared income indicates it or not. Lots of very wealthy CEOs take salaries of a dollar a year. You can tell they’re wealthy because of the Met Gala tickets, yachts, etc.

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