Endorsement #1: Paul Stanton, Libertarian for US Senate from Florida. I was privileged to be present at Paul’s announcement speech and to be his first (small) campaign donor. He’s still working on his campaign web site, but he’s got a donations page (please use it!) and a Facebook presence. I hope you’ll help him get things rolling.

Endorsement #2: Ken Willey, Libertarian for Florida State Legislature. Ken chairs the Clay County, Florida Libertarian Party. He invited me up to the Jacksonville suburbs for a county meeting a couple of months ago. Nice to see an active party and an active candidate. Again, his campaign web site is under construction, and again he has an active Facebook presence. As he notes there, he’s still raising money for Florida’s insanely expensive filing fee. Please help him out (yes, I have done so):

Endorsement #3: #VoteDifferent. This is a Libertarian candidate/election support project from “Team McAfee.” Hopefully it will bring a new level of professionalism to Libertarian Party campaigns and make it much easier for candidates to find the help they need. Those of us who have run for office or volunteered with campaigns know how much sweat gets wasted just on basic setup that our party should have, and has tried in various ways over the years to develop, one-stop shopping for. Maybe this time will be the charm. Thanks to John McAfee and Co. for bringing their resources to bear on the problem.

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