I want to appear in a film by Martin Scorsese.

Any part (including an extra who actually does show up in the final product) would do, and I don’t care what kind of film. I’d get equally excited about being seen walking past while he interviews the subject of one of his documentaries, or as a body on the floor of a murder scene in one of his gangster flicks.

No lines? No problem. You don’t speak to or stare at the director, he speaks to and stares at you? Works for me.

I suppose SAG might have a problem with me paying my own airfare to the shooting location and working without any pay whatsoever. Well, f–k SAG if that’s the deal. I’ll take it.

Not that it will ever happen. But it’s on my list of things that should happen.

Yes, these are the kinds of things I sometimes lie awake thinking about at night.

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