… but I figured what the hey, might as well give them another try. If you look over in the sidebar (or in the footer at Rational Review News Digest), and if you don’t have an ad blocker running, you should see a tall ad of some type via Cash-Ads (that’s a referral link).

No, I’m not asking you to click the ads. That’s up to you. But I do want to know if the ads cause any kind of disruption for you, or if you like them, or if you hate them, or if you have any opinion on them at all.

If they don’t cause problems for users, and if they bring in, say, $10 a month or more, I’ll probably keep them. If not, no biggie.

Update: I’m already seeing a problem with Cash-Ads. Their dashboard allows me to specify whether I’ll accept 1) gambling ads (I said yes) and 2) “adult” ads (I said no — not because I’m a prude, but because I try to keep this blog mostly “all-ages-friendy”). And even if I said “yes” to (2), they would only supposedly be displayed during the overnight hours.

Normally, I see a “you are the site owner” graphic when I load the blog, presumably to keep me from racking up ad views by reloading my own site. But this time (late afternoon / early evening), I saw a very sexually explicit graphic for something called “C*nt Wars.” Either the on/off toggle for “adult” ads just doesn’t work, or Cash-Ads doesn’t do a very good job of classifying their ads.

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