Melanie on last night’s Free Talk Live muses that the federal abductions in Portland might be a way of collecting/debriefing plants and confidential informants, because:

If you’re doing undercover work in a Black Bloc, you can’t be like “I gotta go home and cook some spaghetti, I’ll be back in three hours. Like, you can’t just leave … you can’t be like oh, I got a doctor appointment.”

In my limited experience with Black Bloc types, au contraire. They’re a semi-spontaneous aggregation of people with similar motives, not a highly organized cult with every member required to account for every second of time. Most of them are upper class or upper middle class high school/college age kids who do in fact go to doctors, at least occasionally go home for meals with family even if they theoretically live in a communal flop with a bunch of roomies (although it’s probably their mothers doing the actual cooking), etc.

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