A political figure of some stature. A spouse who may have been up to some sketchy stuff.

An outcry from one side of the “bi-partisan” aisle that of course each had to know what the other was up to, and of course what the other was up to would affect the politics, and of course it must be investigated, and at least maybe the political figure should consider exiting the stage.

An outcry from the other side of the “bi-partisan” aisle that this is just “the politics of personal destruction” or “a high-tech lynching.”

Yes, I’m talking about Clarence and Ginni Thomas.

And about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Of course Clarence Thomas had to know that Ginni Thomas was hectoring John Eastman to find a way, some way, any way to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. And of course that had to affect how Clarence Thomas functioned as a Supreme Court justice.

Of course Bill Clinton had to know about Hillary Clinton’s … unusually profitable … cattle futures trading, and of course Hillary Clinton had to know that Bill Clinton was fucking pretty much every woman who would lie still, and maybe even some who tried to run. And of course that had to affect how Bill Clinton functioned as a governor, a presidential candidate, and a president.

No, wait — of course those other guys are just grasping at straws to take down someone successful who’s not on their side, resorting to manufacturing personal scandals involving the spouse, because that’s the only way they can get their punches in on the main target.

And heck, maybe all of those of courses are correct!

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