… is that I’m just not that well-traveled.

By very rough calculations based on latitude and longitude, my travels encompass an area of about 5 million square miles: Westernmost point, somewhere not too far from Reno, Nevada (actually west of that, but I’m not sure how far). Easternmost point, in the neighborhood of Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait. Northernmost point, in the vicinity of Bangor, Maine. Southernmost point, around Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Figure in the top cruising altitude of a commercial airliner (43,000 feet or 8.14 miles), call it  40 million cubic miles. Yeah, I know my math is very rough and quite possibly incorrect in some respect, but I think it’s ballpark.

Average distance from Earth to Mars, 14 million miles (minimum distance, about 38.6 million miles). That would really up my distance traveled/encompassed game. Especially if I ever came back, since the planets’ respective orbits would presumably be different, meaning I’d be covering different ground … er, space … each way.

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