… is relatively sunny days, highs in the high 70s, lows in the 50s.

Perfect camping weather for Danksgiving!

Tent — check, but need to set it up and Scotchgard it tomorrow or Wednesday. No rain doesn’t mean no moisture.
Dollar store tarps for ground cloth, etc. — check
Camp shower, just in case — check
Sleeping bags washed and ready — check
Cooler — check
Tiny pellet powered camp stove — check
Pan for boiling water/light cooking — check
Travel mugs for coffee — check
Coffee — check (haven’t decided between instant or the real thing and my cheap but durable plastic French press, but both are on hand)
Sundries (toilet paper, etc.) — will do a layout and pack tomorrow
Ice, food, coffee creamer for cooler — Friday morning
Instruments for the youth music donation drive — considering what I’m willing to part with. I initially thought I could give up my Hohner Melodica, but then I played it a bit and, well, you know. I think I may hand over my inexpensive Rogue dreadnought. I have the Epiphone and can always grab another flat-top on sale later.

I’m not sure this qualifies as “camping.” My version (outside a military context) used to involved disappearing into the woods for several days with what I felt comfortable carrying on an extended hike. In a military context, tent living in isolated areas for extended periods but with massive support infrastructure.

This isĀ  driving to a place, getting out of the SUV, setting up a tent amongst a bunch of other tents, and hanging out for three days.

But it still feels like it’s going to be fun.

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