… in case anyone wants to hook up.

I’ll be arriving in Springfield, Missouri on the afternoon of Thursday, May 10. That gives me not quite a day and a half in town. Of course, I will be wanting to spend most of that with family, but I can probably shake an hour free to meet with a friend.

At 12:01 am on May 12, I’ll be getting on a Greyhound in Springfield. There’s a half-hour layover in St. Louis from 3:30 to 4am, when you should be asleep and not at a bus station, then it’s on to …

Columbus, Ohio, arriving on the afternoon of May 12 and leaving on the afternoon of May 14, with a Libertarian Party platform committee meeting on Sunday and Monday but presumably free on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

The travel is all booked — St. Petersburg to Springfield via Allegiant air, then Greyhound to Columbus, then Allegiant back to St. Pete.

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